Select-a-Spot customer service is no longer available.
Please contact BART parking, parking@bart.gov, 510-464-6772.

Parking News

September 27, 2021

Reserved Parking has moving to the BART Official App:

Reserved parking is no longer sold via the Select-a-Spot website. Please visit the BART Official app to purchase monthly, single day and airport/long term parking (now called single/multi-day). Setup a new account on the app, it will not recognize your Select-a-Spot username and password. For more information on the app, visit www.bart.gov/parking.

Early Bird Express
Parking Passes

Early Bird Express passes are only for passengers taking the Early Bird Express buses when the BART system is closed. You may pay for Early Bird Parking within the BART official app, downloadable from the App Store or Google Play, or you can click here to print out a pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Permits

How does my Monthly permit work?
Monthly Reserved Parking Permits are recurring permits that are charged per calendar month. The charges will continue to be automatically processed until the permit is cancelled. Initial permit purchases are prorated and a payment will always be required at the time of purchase.

Where is the actual reserved monthly parking area at the Bart stations? Is there a map I can look at?
Yes. Go to the web site www.Bart.gov, go to stations then station list choose the station you are looking for, look for Map of parking locations you will then see the map onsite. Additionally BART facility maps are linked to from your active permits on www.Select-a-Spot.com

How do I cancel my Monthly Reserved Parking Permit?
Through the Select-a-Spot.com reservation system

  1. Login to your account
  2. Visit this link: www.Select-a-Spot.com/bart/users/reservations/


Send an email at least one full calendar month prior to your last month of service to Select-a-Spot with the subject “Attn: Cancellation” Include your name, permit number, station, email address and phone number. At the end of your last month of service, mail the physical permit hangtag to the address below within five days.

Attention: BART Monthly Parking
Processing & Call Center
1740 Cesar Chavez Street
Suite 2W
San Francisco, CA. 94124

Phone: 415-773-1200
Email: support@Select-a-Spot.com

I just purchased a Monthly Reserved Parking Permit, but my plans have changes and won’t need the permit, can I cancel or get a refund?
Please see “How Do I cancel My Monthly Reserved Parking Permit” above.

What payment types are accepted for Monthly permits?
Visa, Mastercard, WageWorks credit card, Commuter Check credit card are all accepted through the Select-a-Spotwebsite.

Personal Checks, Commuter Checks and WageWorks checks can all be sent to the Impark offices along your account information so we may manually process your payments accordingly. Bulk WageWorks and Commuter Check payments are also accepted and are processed through your employer or through the benefits company directly.

Please make sure that all non-credit card payments are accompanied by accurate, up to date information, including your account email, first and last name, station, and permit/hangtag number.

Where do I mail checks for Monthly Reserved Permits?
Make checks payable to Impark and send to:

Attention: BART Monthly Parking
Processing & Call Center
1740 Cesar Chavez Street
Suite 2W
San Francisco, CA. 94124

Mailed payments must be postmarked by the 10th of the month prior to the month of service.

When are the automatic payments taken from my credit card on file?
Monthly permit payments are processed on the 15th of the month prior to the month of service.

What if my credit card is declined for my monthly permit payment?
We will send you a notification email to let you know that your card is declined and you will have until the 25th of the month to update your credit card information before the second attempt is auto-processed. Payments that are declined for any reason may be subject to additional fees.

How long is the waitlist at (station name)?
Waitlist lengths are not displayed on the site. If you join a waitlist, you will be immediately notified by email and through the site as to which position you are on the waitlist. You can join as many waitlists as you choose.

How do I know if my waitlist parking becomes available?
We will send an email to the email address you have on file (it’s important to keep your email address up to date!). Once we send the email you will have 3 days to buy your monthly permit through a link in the email. Act quickly because once those 3 days are up, your waitlist reservation is forfeited and offered to another person on the waitlist.

How often do the monthly waitlist reservations get updated?
As soon as parking becomes available at any applicable station, the waitlist is used to fill that parking according to the terms in our Parking License Agreement.

How do I replace my monthly permit? (Lost or Stolen)
Either make a check for $4.40 payable to Impark and we will send you a new permit or you can come pick it up in our office during business hours 8:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you may phone into the call center and inform us that your permit requires replacement.

Airport/Long-Term Permits

How do I cancel my APLT (Airport/Long-Term) Permit?
APLT (Airport/Long-Term) parking permits may be cancelled with 24 hours notice by emailing or call Select-a-Spot with your name, BART station, phone number, email address and the dates you wish to cancel. There will be a $10 cancellation fee.

How do I extend my APLT (Airport/Long-Term) permit if my trip lasts longer than planned?
As long as the original permit is in your car, you can purchase an additional permit for the extension days using the same login information and license plate number. Make sure the permits are for consecutive days and applied to the same vehicle, and your permit will remain valid until the new ending date.  Additionally, your new permit should be purchased prior to the expiration of the original to prevent citation and possible towing. As long as the original permit is in your vehicle you do not have to print the permit for the additional days.

Only one date is printing on my APLT (Airport/Long-Term) permit, what happened to the other days?
For security purposes, only the first day will print on your APLT (Airport) / Long-Termpermit. The BART enforcement officers can check their records to verify the rest of the days on your permit.

What if I need an APLT (Airport/Long-Term) permit but I have already left my car at the station?
If there is not a printed permit on your vehicle, it may be subject to citation or tow. We cannot make exceptions to this rule. If you cannot display it on your dashboard we make no guarantees against citation and possible towing.

Daily Permits

How do I purchase Single Day Reserved permits?
Single Day Reserved Permits are available for purchase online only, and multiple permits can be purchased at one time. Prices vary by station. You must print a permit for each day and place it on your dashboard.

How are Single Day Reserved permits charged?
Single Day Reservedpermits are paid for at the time of sale. You can also login to your account and review your reservation history under at www.select-a-spot.com/bart.

Early Bird Express Passes

Does an Early Bird Express pass guarantee me a space?
No, Early Bird Express passes do not guarantee a parking space at any facility. This pass type is designed to allow advanced payment of parking fees, facilitating parking at stations between 4:00am - 5:00am, Monday – Friday. There should be plenty of parking available at this time. It is only to be used when taking an Early Bird Express bus in the morning from the BART station where you park, when the BART station is closed and payment inside BART faregates is unavailable.

Where can I park with an Early Bird Express pass?
You may park only in the non-restricted DAILY FEE BART parking areas. Parking with this pass type in a restricted area or in the PERMIT area will result in a citation. This pass is only available at stations that offer Early Bird Express bus service, when BART stations are closed.

How do I purchase Early Bird Express passes?
Early Bird Express Passes are available for purchase online only, and multiple passes can be purchased at one time. Prices may vary by station. You must print a pass for each day that you park at BART and place it on your dashboard.

How are Early Bird Express passes charged?
Early Bird Express passes are paid for at the time of sale. You can also login to your account and review your reservation history under at www.select-a-spot.com/bart.

How can I find more information about the Early Bird Express program?
Visit www.BART.gov/EarlyBirdExpress


Are there spaces available to purchase at the (Name) Bart station?
Proceed through the reservation process using our website and station availability will be displayed.

Is there Security at the stations at night?
Facility security is managed through the BART police, please refer to BART’s website for more information: www.bart.gov

How far in advance can I reserve parking?
Single Day Reserved and APLT permits may be purchased no earlier than two months in advance of desired parking dates.

I don’t have the means to print my permit; can you print it for me?
No, select-a-spot is not responsible for printing your parking permits, and they are not available on-site. Please consider bringing your permit as a printable PDF to a printer (Kinkos, Copy Central, etc.) to facilitate the printing in the event that you are without a printer.

What is the Bart train schedule on the holidays?
Please visit the web site www.bart.gov for train schedule information.

Is there a cutoff time for reservations?
Reserved spaces are only guaranteed until 10am. That includes all types: Monthly Reserved, Single Day Reserved and APLT (Airport) /  Long-Term parking. After 10am all “permit” spaces that are unfilled are available for drive-in parkers who pay a fee at the station. If you arrive before 10am and cannot find a spot, please contact BART customer service here www.bart.gov/siteinfo/contact.aspx. We cannot refund your permit fees.

Why aren’t the dates available that I need?
All stations have limited capacity for Single Day Reserved and APLT (Airport) / Long-Term parking reservations. Once these stations reach their capacity for permits sold parking permits are no longer available.

Why does the website page give me a message that “username is already in use”?
If you have purchased BART reserved parking permits in the past, your information has been saved. If you have forgotten your password, please use the forgot password link on the longin pages.

I am unable to purchase a reservation online, can you do it for me?
Please contact our call center with your email address, vehicle information and billing information and we will be glad to assist you in making a reservation. Please be advised that you will still be required to print a PDF permit and display this on your dashboard.
Do I need to reserve a permit for the weekend?
Single Day Reserved permits are available free of charge on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
Any APLT (Airport) / Long-Term Parking reservations beginning and ending on any weekday and spanning a Holiday, Saturday or Sunday are subject to daily parking charges throughout the reservation including the Holiday, Saturday or Sunday. APLT (Airport) / Long Term Parking reservations beginning or ending on a Holiday, a Saturday or Sunday are not charged for parking on that Holiday, Saturday or Sunday.

How do I Enter Special Characters in my License Plate ?
All special characters (including handprint, heart, star and plus) are to be ommitted from your license when entering vehicle information in our system. Failure to comply may result in improper vehicle identification by BART enforcement officers.

What if I have a temporary license plate on my new vehicle?
If your new vehicle has not yet been issued a license plate please use the word 'temp' in the license plate field. When you have your new license plate you will need to access your account information and edit  vehicle information in our system. Failure to enter the correct information may result in citation or towing by BART parking enforcement officers.

What are Oversized Vehicle Restrictions?
Vehicles or combinations of vehicles that exceed 6.5 feet in width, 19 feet in length, 7.4” in height, or 3 tons in weight may not be driven through, left standing or parked in any BART parking facility. Vehicles found in violation of the size restrictions may be cited or towed.